My focus is to create a meditative field that brings to the viewer a sense of peace and completion. I begin by drawing a grid of half inch squares in light pencil all over the blank canvas or sheet of paper. I then proceed to fill in each square one at a time. In the paintings there are many many layers that need to dry in between as I work in oil paint to create the depth and variation I like, and the texture. I pay attention to each and every square, in a very ritualistic manner.

The recent drawings are inspired by anonymous artisans, usually women and children, who have worked for centuries, and continue to work, laboriously, to create beautiful fabrics and textiles to clothe, decorate and bring warmth and beauty to everyday life.  Of late I’ve been making up patterns as I go, drawing on simple geometric shapes, adding more complexity to the field perhaps.

I like the quiet in my process. I find it’s easier to listen to what the work wants to be that way.

Gloria Matuszewski    2017